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Blog & free PS brushed (closed)
Established: 2002
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This site used to be my personal site and blog; also being a site collective (before I used this site).

I blogged from 2002 – 2009; it was also kind of an online journal, which were very popular back then. I wrote random things and also posted pieces of art I had made. Because of and the popularity of my posted art images, was born. People asked to buy prints of my art, which had never come to my mind before. So I tried to supply to their demand and produced prints of my digital art. Because I was also into sewing, I started to sell cute handmade animal hats, which became pretty popular. So the roots of can be found at

I also offered free photoshop brushes. Photoshop brushes were really THE thing back then and I enjoyed creating them for my own purpose and then offering them for free. The resolution was for smaller PC screens in the bast and they are not of that much use anymore, since the for today’s screen resolution has increased.

Current status: not updated 

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