About me

Hi, that’s me – shiricki

Some words about me.

Interests: video editing, music making, video games (mainly PS5 but I own almost any other console too), drawing, painting, sewing, creating all things handmade (see more at kyaaa.biz), anything electronic, movies (especially Sci-Fi and fantasy), reading (but even more: audio books – because you can make stuff simultaneously), music, web design and web development

Occupation as of now: Senior Creative Developer (employed)

University of Cologne: English Studies and KuGA (Cultures and Societies of Asia – main subject: Japan/Japanese)

Languages: mother tongue: German, studied: English, Japanese, French, Italian, Latin

Coding et al: html, PHP, CSS, SQL

Creative Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro

CMS & Shop-CMS: Word Press, Joomla, TYPO3, Presta Shop, Magento, Oxid Shop

Sports: Beat Saber, running, swimming, inline skating (also sometimes ice skating), Wing Tsun

Some facts: I am female, I live in Germany, I have been owning bunnies since I was eleven, I love bunnies, I also like wolves, my favorite food is sushi, my favorite drink is spicy ginger tea, I drink too much coffee with too much sugar, I sometimes cannot sleep, I love sleep, I should not have written that after the coffee fact, I hate parties, I cannot stand crowds, I have been drawing and creating all things handmade since I was a child, when I was five I once painted a climbing contraption in rainbow colors with my granny and no one on the playground believed me, hard times, I was self-employed for more than ten years, I studied longer than the standard period of study, at one point of my life I wanted to study art but what to do with an art degree – so I studied Japanese (…), I love the Japanese culture, I also studied Egyptology and was halfway through, I could decipher hieroglyphs, yea that’s cool but I cannot do that anymore, I don’t have a degree in graphic or web design, web development, marketing or sales, however, I have been employed as lead of marketing and sales (besides my own business) and am working as a professional designer now, I love all kinds of music not only one genre, I especially like orchestral soundtracks, I game a lot in my free time, I think that’s enough for now. Bye-bye.

Not enough?

kyaaa.biz – more art by me



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