Free web space hosting (closed)
Offering web space for free
Established: 2001
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I offered web space for free but then the data protection regularity hit hard and suddenly I was responsible for all hostees content and would have had to update and maintain their sites to be safe – no thank you 🙁

The idea to host, began with the idea of hosting journals only. It came to my mind after having my own one. I love to blog and spam the world with my crazy thoughts and I love it even more to get a comment or reaction of the reader. Some of my closest web-friends did not have the ability to upload such a cgi/mysql-journal, but I did. And because I am a nice girl, I offered to host them. As a result the idea grew to host also strangers, not only friends.

The journal idea turned into hosting personal sites with anime or X-Files content. I liked it to host and help skilled people to find a home for their sites. There are a lot of talented designer out there, but broke to buy a domain, webspace and bandwidth.

In these times it is just so complicated to maintain a simple website with all these regulations. It’s sad that the idea of free hosting had to die with it.

Current status: closed, not updated 

A network that connects all websites created by me – shiricki. Enjoy your stay.